Does your blog feel a bit blah lately? Are you running out of genuinely interesting or helpful topic ideas for your readers? Are your viewership stats stagnant or even declining? If so, then it’s probably time to start diversifying your content. Here are two simple ways to accomplish this:

Mix up your content formats

Even if you have a wide variety of topics discussed on your blog, you could be missing opportunities to reach new audience segments if you’re only posting text-based blogs with an image here and there. Let’s face it: some people don’t have the time or interest to read several paragraphs of content, which is why mixing up your content formats could help you get your brand’s message out to people who might otherwise read the headline and leave.

Different content formats may include: video (after all, over 50% of marketers from around the world agree video content has the best ROI), listicles (think Buzzfeed-type of content but more specific to your brand), audio (podcasts are great for mobile users who tune in during their commutes), slideshows (SlideShare or Prezi are popular platforms for this), infographics (you can have an affordable infographic designed by professionals on sites like Fiverr), and Q&A sessions with experts and influencers (great for driving their audience to your blog).

Bring in guest contributors

Speaking of experts and influencers: one of the best ways to freshen up your blog’s content production is by letting someone else take the reins on a subject. Depending on their background, they might have unique insight to offer what you might not have considered, which would be an incredibly useful resource for your audience. Guest contributors might even propose their own topics for your blog and encourage their audience to visit your blog (just as their guest post would likely link back to their blog/website, making it an informal partnership that’s a win-win for both of you).