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Consistently communicating with your customers and followers is crucial. It not only builds you up as a trusted authority, but also shows you care about your customers. Let’s set up an effective email marketing strategy that accomplishes that on a regular basis.

Level 1

$ 125
Per Month
  • 2 individual email campaigns/blasts per month
  • Fully written text
  • Links and images provided by client
  • Monthly engagement report

Level 2

$ 240
Per Month
  • Everything else included in Level 1
  • Up to 4 individual email campaigns/blasts per month

Level 3

$ 400
Per Month
  • Everything else included in Level 1 & 2
  • Link to email subscriber groups
  • Target marketing copywriting


Do you want people reaching out to you WANTING to do business with you? That’s the power of blogs. Blogs are lasting portals that lead back to your website and generate ongoing traffic that can turn into loyal customers.They are also terrific for building your brand and exposing your business.

Let’s work together to craft your message so you can serve your followers with the latest news from your business.


1 Account
$ 95
  • 1 blog posts/month
  • 500 words each including two stock photos
  • 1 PDF, 1 Word doc and 1 image file provided


5 Account
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