With short attention spans, a limited number of characters, and a flood of content, it’s tough to grow your Twitter following organically. Original, engaging content is a must, of course, but beyond that, there are some quick tips you can put into action today to reach your target audience.

Repeat Your Content – Tweets are rapidly lost in the fast-moving feed, and your content is only seen by a fraction of your followers each time you post. To improve engagement and reach more people, recycle your content on a regular basis.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask – There’s no need to be shy. Ask for those likes, shares, and retweets every now and then. Research has shown that spelling out ‘retweet’ gets more results, so go ahead and use up a few extra characters in this case.

Get Visual – Visuals are more eye-catching, and people retain information that’s presented visually for a longer period of time. Make the most of this by creating your own unique imagery using free tools like PicMonkey or Canva.

Hashtag Smartly – Using trending hashtags in your tweets is a great way to make your content discoverable. But it can also be a minefield if you piggyback a hashtag that has a double-meaning related to something inappropriate. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search to research hashtags before using them.

An engaged Twitter following goes beyond developing brand awareness and industry authority. It can lead directly to sales. Focus on providing useful content and genuine interaction. And try a couple of these tips to give your tweets a little extra juice!