Social Media Marketing

We have a proven methodology for increasing traffic to our clients’ websites.

Website Design

Access to the latest technology in website design–easy to use for our clients and also their clients.

Target Marketing

Build content for specific targeting of their ideal client.

Power Groups

We give back to the community by adopting charitable organizations and help them build their social media presence.

We are all about helping you connect with your clients

It is no longer enough to ask what does our brand say about us. The question becomes: What does doing business with us allow our customers to say about their personal choices? The local Restaurant may focus their brand messaging on using the best ingredients and a secret recipe, but the patrons are more interested in the history it allows them to tell about themselves.

Play the video to learn how Expanse can help your business 

Ask anyone in sales and they will tell you that referrals are the hallmark of a good business, and why not? Referred customers and clients are easier to close, more likely to already see your company in a favorable light, and also will trust your recommendations.

Referrals come from word of mouth and today’s word of mouth is Social Media. An image, video or testimonial shared on Facebook.


“I support local businesses and enjoy being part of this community and this family owned business.”

Why work with anyone else? Here is what our clients are saying…

Being a member of the Health, Beauty and Fitness Group has benefited me in many ways.
Not only has my business page had much more activity, but I have made valuable connections with other business owners as well.
Rick takes the time to ensure he is getting the right message out for me and has taught me how to use Facebook more effectively to grow my business.

Kelsi Cole | SMR Training

Being part of the Allen Historic Downtown Businesses and the Home Services and Contractors in Allen ,Plano and McKinney has joined Criterion Contractors Inc. to the community. We are able to get to know fellow business owners in the area and share common goals. Since participating, we have seen an increase in the number of visits to our Facebook page and anticipate positive business relationships as a result.

Criterion Contractors


Either by demographics like Allen Historic Downtown

Businesses, common interests like Health, Beauty, and Fitness Around North Dallas. Or our power group: Home Services and Contractors in Allen, Plano, and McKinney. 

We bring the community together to support local businesses. 

Video and Social Media has changed the world…

your personal connetion makes the difference.